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Becoming a Member of the California Association for the Gifted Gives You a Voice!

Parents and educators in the California Association for the Gifted (CAG) have been the principal supporters of gifted learners in California since 1966. The program benefits that gifted children enjoy today are a direct result of that support.
Ten reasons to become a member of California Association for the Gifted

1. Your membership supports CAG’s work with the California Department of Education and California’s legislators, to ensure that gifted education continues in California.

2. Your membership supports research and development, books, position papers, and other resources focusing on issues, policies, and practices that impact the education of gifted and talented students.

3. Your membership supports CAG’s Teacher Institutes and Parent Institutes that teach theory and practice essential to the education of gifted students. The positive “spillover” effect for all students is well documented.

4. Your membership supports the volunteer services of parent and educator representatives in each region, who provide resources at a local level.

5. Your membership supports CAG’s website,, an important resource with information about gifted education and CAG news and events.

6. Your membership supports scholarships and grants recognizing educational excellence,and awards honoring distinguished service in the field of gifted education.

7. Your membership entitles you to the Gifted Education Communicator, CAG’s quarterly journal, and CAG’s electronic newsletter. These are important resources for parents and educators.

8. Your membership entitles you to reduced registration fees for the annual conference and other CAG events.

9. Your CAG membership makes you part of the TEAM working for gifted education.

10.Through your membership in CAG, you clearly demonstrate that you actively support gifted education in California.

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